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Brava 16 Boat 6 seats

Capacity: 6 seats
Power: HP 40/60 Super Engine
Length: 5 meters

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Brava 18 Boat 7 seats

Capacity: 7 seats
Power: HP 40/70 Super Engine
Length: 5,5 meters

Rent boats - Standard Rates

LengthBrava 16 (6 people)Brava 18 (7 people)Gasoline
1 h€ 65€ 75included
2 h€ 110€ 125included
3 h€ 150€ 165included
4 h€ 190€ 210included
5 h€ 220€ 240included
1 day€ 180€ 200excluded
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Noleggio motoscafo lago di Garda

Bayliner VR6 motorboat rental!

We have included one of the 200 HP power boats available for hire that you can drive only with a boat license. Quick and light glide on the waters of Lake Garda and with all the comforts of our Bayliner VR6 motorboat with 200HP Mercury Verado engine.

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Rent a boat without a boat license on Lake Garda

Choose between different boat tours and browse the most beautiful lake in Italy by visiting suggestive locations and breathtaking views. At your disposal a fleet of motorboats from 7 to 6 seats with a maximum of 40 HP that you can drive even without boating license.

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